Why register with Accessible Learning?
The Accessible Learning Office facilitates equal access for eligible students with disabilities by coordinating reasonable academic accommodations and support services. Accommodation plans and services are tailored to correspond with the disability-related needs of each student and are determined based on the documentation provided and program specific requirements.

Find out more information by visiting Sheridan Accessible Learning Services.

What is the purpose of an accommodation form?
The accommodation form outlines your individual accommodations and helps your instructors understand what supports you require.

Please check out this list of AL services for further information.

Where can I pick up my accommodation form?
No need to worry! Your accommodation form will be directly emailed to you and to all of your instructors upon your request.

How can I contact my Accessible Learning Advisor and other Support Staff (ie., Learning Strategist, Assistive Technologist, etc.)?
We have a contact section where you can find all this information.

I need help with some course work, where can I get help?
Sheridan offers tutoring services for Math, Business Math (Accounting, Finance, and Statistics), English, and Programming.
Want to know more? Visit the free tutoring website to get extra details!

How do I book test and exams that are to be written in the Assessment Centre?
We have compiled a step by step process of how to book and write tests in the Assessment Centre. For any additional information, please check out the ALS Assessment Centre site.